About Membership

HandsOn Connect Demo provides a link for individuals, families, teams, and corporate groups to join together and engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities throughout southern Nevada.

We strive to promote volunteerism and get people involved in their communities. HandsOn Connect Demo does this in partnership with other organizations so we are working together to bring about long-lasting change in our communities. From motivating children to discover and learn, to serving hot meals to low income families, to caring for the environment, to large scale transformational projects, residents of southern Nevada are responding to critical needs.

HandsOn Connect Demo provides screened and supervised activities that serve to build capacity within nonprofit, faith-based, and public organizations. We're about empowering people to make change. Join us…be part of the change!

Our Mission

HandsOn Connect Demo is a program working to improve lives and build a stronger, healthier and safer community. Our goal is to meet critical community needs by engaging people with volunteer opportunities in collaboration with others.

Our Values

  • The community and people we serve are our top priority
  • The services we provide reflect honesty and integrity
  • We promote diversity and believe that serving together creates opportunities for people to appreciate the differences of others
  • Through teamwork we can achieve tangible results and effectively address community needs
  • We value every individual’s capacity to make a difference and bring lasting change

Our Goals

  • To promote and expand opportunities for voluntary service throughout our community
  • To provide and support innovative leadership training
  • To effectively gather volunteers in emergency relief situations
  • To address important community needs by concentrating resources into engaging, well-planned, and meaningful community service projects

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Please note: We require all volunteers who wish to work with children to complete a background check.   Click here to see our background check requirement form. Print this out and mail it in.

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