Welcome Home Depot Volunteers

Since April 2011, HandsOn Connect Demo has partnered withThe Home Depot Foundation to provide quality homes to veterans and their families nationwide. To date, the Foundation has pledged more than $4 million to the organization over three years to benefit homeless veterans by repairing and renovating properties where veterans and their families live. First-round projects included the rehabilitation of residential facilities in Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami, serving approximately 275 disabled and/or homeless veterans and their families at any given time. A second round of grants, awarded in Oct. 2011, benefited an additional 272 veterans and their family members in 10 cities nationwide. A third round of grants, awarded in June 2012, includes funds for 16 Volunteers of America homeless veterans programs in 15 cities and these grants will be used to refurbish or build housing for up to 540 homeless veterans, as well as many of their family members. Each project includes numerous opportunities for Team Depot, The Home Depot’s associate-led volunteer force, to get involved as well.

Home Depot Western Division Volunteer Opportunities

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