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Established in 1968 as Delta's company-managed giving system, The Delta Air Lines Foundation contributes more than $1 million annually in endowed funds to deserving organizations and programs.


To continuously create value through an inclusive culture by leveraging partnerships and serving communities where we live and work.

Community Enrichment
Community Enrichment focuses on promoting Delta's presence in the community through involvement and participation in volunteer, civic, and social activities. It also encourages consciousness, awareness, and consideration for community needs and focuses on developing a higher level of sensitivity towards supporting an improved quality of life for others in the communities where we live and work. Supporting Community Enrichment helps Delta establish its position as a corporate citizen and confirms our license to operate in our communities.
Health & Wellness
Delta supports organizations that dedicate their efforts to the health and well-being of our communities with a focus on broad-reaching research for cures and education around diseases that affect all walks of life.
Youth Development
Delta recognizes today's young people as tomorrow's leaders. As such, we support organizations that focus on keeping young people interested in math and science and helping them develop leadership skills and positive self esteem.
Arts & Culture
The arts and cultural activities, whether they are fine art, theatre, music, or other creative endeavors, enhance a community's quality of life. Through the arts we are able to understand new perspectives and better understand the world around us. Delta supports organizations that help bring the wonder and richness of human creativity to the communities we serve. Promoting understanding and appreciation for arts and cultural diversity is a top priority for Delta.
We strive to provide a hands-on approach, recognizing every day that sometimes it takes more than an airplane to help lift someone off the ground.
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The Delta Prize
The Delta Prize for Global Understanding, established at the University of Georgia through an endowment from The Delta Air Lines Foundation, honors individuals or groups who, by their own initiatives, have provided opportunities for greater understanding among cultures and nations. Awarded annually, The Delta Prize calls attention to a variety of contributions to peace and cooperation, such as grassroots projects that diminish hostilities in a particular region of the world, international programs that facilitate communication or commerce among different peoples and leadership in the solution of global problems.

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